The beautiful fieldstone inn was constructed in 1876 after being commissioned by Scottish merchant Robert Campbell. Originally a house for the Campbell family, the building had twenty-one owners before being bought by the present owner in 2002.

At one point, Noah’s Inn has been a gathering place for merchants from all over the Eastern side of Canada. Business transactions would take place when groups of merchants gather, and they would usually stay for a few days before moving on to their next destination. Incidentally, the rooms in Noah’s Inn had long been converted into places of rest for these merchants. Today the Inn still has some of the original wooden beams and fixtures of that time.

More Inn History

In March 1876, Robert Campbell purchased a newly surveyed lot and wanted to build a new home which would house his large family in Goderich. He commissioned the construction of the Victorian style house and selected the materials himself. The result was a two-storey home with kitchen, 10 rooms, and living space. The courtyard to the East had a stable to accommodate animals. The village surrounding the house had been booming with commercial operations which included the Hudson’s Brewery and the Parker hotel.

Since it was built in 1876, the house had 21 registered owners. The house had been updated over the years to keep pace with the times, such as the removal of heating by stoves and adding in central heating. Much of the foundation had been maintained and kept intact as they had been since day one. With the number of merchants increasing each year, the Campbells had added more rooms and converted the attic to bedrooms.

As of today, the Inn features casual fine dining, a bar, and overnight accommodation.

Noah’s Environmental Commitments

Noah’s Inn thrives when the community thrives, so in attempt to be as green as possible, Noah’s Inn practices environmental sustainability. The food Noah’s Inn uses comes directly from local sources around Goderich. All our food is made in house with those local ingredients, which means nothing has preservatives. We stock our drink cabinets with local wine and fair trade coffee. Our flour comes from the nearby mill. And we equip all our sinks with the best of the best affordable garbage disposal to use food scraps from our septic tank in our garden. We do not use any commercial fryers to eliminate hydrogenated oils.

Our own extensive composting and recycling program allows us to minimize our landfill garbage to two bags per week. That’s for the whole inn! The garbage bags we use are biodegradable. We use nothing but compostable take out food containers and cups. To clean the inn, we do not use any harmful chemicals. Our cleaning is done using simply hot water and steam. By taking care of our cleaning ourselves, we ensure the quality of it without compromising on health and the environment.


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